REGISTRATION: A nonrefundable yearly fee of $60 is due at time of enrollment.

ONLINE POLICY:  There may be changes from in person to online lessons due to illness of a teacher,
bad weather, or other reasons during the 2023-2024 school year, at the discretion of Coppell Conservatory.

TUITION: The value of the year’s tuition is divided into twelve (12) equal monthly installments. Although the number
of lessons varies from month to month, the monthly tuition remains unchanged. All payments are due on the 1st of the
month. You will receive a monthly statement itemizing additional fees for music, materials, festivals, contests, etc.
Payments may be made by credit card, or via ACH draft. All credit card payments are subject to a $5 processing fee for
each transaction. Make all payments payable to Coppell Conservatory.

LATE PAYMENT/INSF: All invoices are due on the 1st of each month. A Late Fee of $35 will be assessed for
payments received after the 7th of the month. In addition, if payment is not received by the second lesson of a month, the
student will not receive that lesson and will be asked to wait in the lobby for the parent or caretaker. The student’s
lessons will be discontinued until the full payment has been received. INSF or declined payments will be assessed a
$6+1% re-processing fee.

SCHEDULE: The Coppell Conservatory calendar year runs from mid-August through August of the subsequent year and
consists of 42 teaching weeks. If additions or revisions are made to the schedule during the year, they will be
prominently displayed on bulletin boards and on the Coppell Conservatory website, and/or additional handouts and
mailings will be made.

MAKE-UP LESSONS: We offer TWO options for makeup lessons during the Fall and Spring Semesters.
1. Lessons may be conducted virtually at your assigned lesson time rather than in person if a student is feeling under the
weather, has transportation issues, there are weather related travel concerns or other reasons to conduct a virtual
2. You may submit a video of your assignment being performed for your teacher to view and provide feedback and
further instruction back to you if you are unable to attend your lesson in person or online at your assigned lesson time.
All videos must be submitted to the office by 3 pm the day of the lesson for virtual feedback.

INSTRUMENTS and METRONOMES: Please keep your piano, keyboard, or other instruments in good playing condition.
Each student is expected to have a working metronome and to use it as the teacher requests.

WITHDRAWAL: If a student must withdraw, a 30-DAY WRITTEN NOTICE IS REQUIRED. If a 30-day written notice is
not provided, the student is still responsible for the tuition to cover the 30-day period. Students who withdraw
during the term and wish to re-enroll will be placed based on the availability at the time of re-enrollment.
Under certain conditions a student may be asked to discontinue music study at the Conservatory. Those conditions
include but are not limited to the following: 1) nonpayment of tuition, 2) excessive absenteeism or tardiness, 3)
nonparticipation in required events, 4) continued non-preparation of assignments, 5) consistent disruptive and/or
inappropriate behavior. Parents will be advised, and the student will be placed on probation for 30 days. If at the end of
that period the condition persists, lessons will be discontinued.

STAFF: As in Public Schools where students change teachers yearly with enthusiasm and anticipation, Coppell
Conservatory students may, at times, be assigned to new teachers as our staff changes. Such changes have always been
positive and offer students new learning perspectives.
Due to unexpected circumstances a teacher may need to be absent. The Coppell Conservatory will provide a highly
qualified and experienced substitute who will ensure the proper continuity of students’ lessons. Coppell Conservatory
staff are legally barred from teaching outside the Conservatory any present or former students of the Conservatory;
soliciting/seeking private instruction from Coppell Conservatory teachers is strictly prohibited.

PARENT VISITATION and CONFERENCES: Parents are welcome to observe the private lessons. Time is set aside
each year for parents to visit with the staff on their children’s progress. Teachers will notify parents of the specific dates
and times.

WAITING ROOM: The waiting area is provided as a courtesy to the students; it is expected that everyone wait quietly and
not disturb ongoing lessons. Please drop off students no more than five minutes before the scheduled lesson time, and
pick them up promptly. Parents are required to pick up their children within 5 minutes after the end of their lessons. Food,
drinks, and roughhousing are not permitted in the waiting room or in any area of the school. Please advise your
child not to go outside the Conservatory and to remain seated in the waiting room until a parent comes for them. Coppell
Conservatory is not responsible for ensuring that any child remains on the premises. Parents agree to hold harmless,
defend and indemnify Coppell Conservatory, its owners, and all its staff and instructors for any damages and injuries
caused by their child to himself/herself and/or to other persons.

AGREEMENT: When you register for lessons, you will be asked to sign a document that you have read and that you
agree to abide by the policies of The Coppell Conservatory as outlined above. This document will remain in effect as long
as the student is enrolled at the Coppell Conservatory.

FURTHER INFORMATION: Further information about The Coppell Conservatory staff and programs, can be obtained by
logging on to our website at: www.coppellconservatory.com

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