Group Programs


Group Programs

 For students who want to study piano in a more relaxed, group setting, we offer our group piano instruction. This program emphasizes building keyboard skills and introduces basic musicianship in small group settings in our piano lab.

Group Piano Classes Schedule
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Musicianship Classes Schedule
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Group Piano
  • The student has one 60-minute Group Lesson per teaching week.
  • The class has a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 6 students of approximately the same age.
  • Both, Technique and Musicianship, are covered during the session. Students are taught on keyboards; they put on headphones and do not hear one another.
  • The teacher works with each student separately, giving them effectively an individual lesson and enabling them to progress at their own pace.
60-minute Group Lesson

Grouped By Age, Up to 6 Students.
Group Piano
  • The student has one 45-minute Group Lesson per teaching week.
  • The group class setting focuses on an introduction to rhythms, melody and introductory piano skills.
  • The class has a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 6 students of approximately the same age.
  • The program we use is designed to increase your child's curiosity about music, to develop his/her listening skills and sense of beat, and to establish his/her foundation for a strong music education.
45 Minute Private Lesson
Setting with Introduction to Rhythms, Melody, and Beginning Piano
Early Childhood Music
Our Mission


Our Mission is to provide a quality music education and foster a love of acoustic piano, stringed instruments, and traditional classical music in an atmosphere where students experience culture and refinement while expressing themselves to their fullest potential.

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