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Mr. Jay Eimandoust - Guitar

Mr. Eimandoust, a native of Dallas, Texas began playing electric and acoustic guitar at the age of 14. During high school, while playing guitar in various rock bands, he decided that being a musician would be the most important aspect of his life, and that he wanted to take his skills to the professional level by studying music academically.

During college, Mr. Eimandoust decided to pursue a degree in music at the University of North Texas and he began studying classical guitar with Professors Tom Johnson and Paul Leblanc respectively. He studied both solo and ensemble guitar in addition to advanced music theory. It was also during this time that he began to focus simultaneously on studying both classical and electric guitar styles. Mr. Eimandoust earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in music from the University of North Texas.
As a performer, Mr. Eimandoust has played electric guitar in two professional rock bands in the Dallas area and played numerous concerts across the country. He is very passionate about studying, practicing and playing the guitar in both electric and classical styles. As a music educator, Mr. Eimandoust hopes to share his love of the guitar with his students by helping them learn to play with patience and enthusiasm. He believes in placing a strong emphasis on teaching his students to develop daily practice habits, good technique, as well as sight reading and music theory. He believes in encouraging students to set small goals of achievement during the learning process.
Mr. Eimandoust joined the Coppell Conservatory faculty in May 2015.
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