Meet The Faculty

Ms. Chelsea Hartman - Piano

Ms. Chelsea Hartman started her piano journey at the age of 13 and quickly developed a strong love for music. By the age of 15, Ms. Hartman joined her local church youth group band and continued for several years where she was able to gain performance experiences along side her peers. Ms. Hartman has also gained five years of experience playing sacred music professionally, including choir directing.

Ms. Hartman has performed both solo and with other musicians periodically over the last ten years. She has played for multiple banquets and organizations such as Lions Club. Ms. Hartman has even performed for a 2016 sci-fi convention in Louisiana celebrating Star Trek music. In 2019, Ms. Hartman performed her own original music at a singer-songwriter event in Denton, TX.

Ms. Hartman studied music at a collegiate level and graduated with her BA in Music with a concentration in piano from the University of North Texas in 2021, studying under Mr. Ning Zhou and Dr. Su Kim. During her time at UNT she found her passion in teaching and cultivating the love of music in her students.

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