Meet The Faculty

Mr. Sungenis - Violin

Mr. Nick Sungenis has been playing the violin since 2001, when he was in elementary school. He also began playing viola in 2009, and has been teaching music since 2013.  He is an experienced and dynamic musician, who enjoys sharing his passion for music.  Since 2006, Mr. Sungenis has been playing for a wide variety of music events, weddings, conferences, recordings, and many others.
Additionally, Mr. Sungenis also has a background in philosophy and martial arts.  He began his formal study in 2008 and obtained his Master of Arts degree for philosophy & ethics in 2023.  He began studying Tae Kwon Do in 1995 and obtained his second dan black belt in 2002.  

Mr. Sungenis enjoys integrating many insights and analogies from philosophy, martial arts, and sports, especially in regard to forming successful habits.  His goal is to share the most understandable, efficient and inspiring ideas with his violin and viola students to help them cultivate their own love of music.

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